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Our Services

What We Do at CNL

With over 40 Years Experience, CNL Computers is a local firm that can help plan your networks, repair computers, offer upgrades or even supply built-to-order systems which are designed with the task in mind, not something that can be easily obtained with off-the-shelf computers. You could also have a website designed from our friends at Freshspace

Desktop and Laptop Repairs

We offer a wide variety of repair services, from replacement laptop screens to diagnosis and repair of non-booting computers.

Custom Built PCs

All our PCs are custom built, whether you need it for office work or gaming, we can ensure it's built with the best components to the exact specification you require.

Specially Selected Laptops

Whether it's for gaming, work, general browsing or educational needs, we advise and sell laptops to your exact requirements.


Is your PC slowing down or in need of more storage? We offer PC upgrades which help improve the longevity of your device


We can recommend and implement various security packages and help you conform to the new GDPR rules, ensuring your data is safe, wherever you are.


We can plan and recommend the best equipment to get the job done, we can install and configure everything so you don't need to worry.

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